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General Replica Kit info:

All parts are made of the highest quality composite material and bonded together. Once the materials are set in the mold, each part is left to cure eliminating warping effects of premature mold release. This is done purely to create a smooth finish and minimize unwanted body distortion. These processes significantly reduce time, labor, and expenses traditionally found on other kits.

We have innovatively constructed our Replica in a one piece body, bonding the front floor pan, front inner fenders, and rear trunk for a factory finish. Other innovations adding increased strength and longevity of your roadster are reinforced steel edges in the hood and trunk openings, steel anti-striping plates located in all mounting points, and rolled fender edges on all four corners. This is simply done to make sure your roadster lasts a lifetime.

For bigger drivers: Pacific Roadster’s body is specially engineered to allow taller and or wider drivers to fit comfortably. 

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